Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gourmet Dining on a McDonald's Budget

If you become a Tightwad Traveler, renting apartments wherever you vacation,  I guarantee you will enjoy food fit for a gourmet!

You will have the flexibility to try many different regional specialties like pretzels covered with cheese in Germany.
This pretzel slathered with cheese may not sound delectable to American ears, but it was delicious and  large enough for both David and me to enjoy. 
But farmers' markets, smaller in-town markets and even large grocery stores will be plentiful and stock all the basics you're to which you're accustomed.
You will also find delis selling small amounts of cold cuts, cheese or rotisserie items that you can take to enjoy in your own apartment's dining room.
These hams were right beside another rotisserie roasting whole chickens.

You'll also be able to experience each country's unique bread items.  For example, France abounds in delicate croissants and baguettes while Germany specializes in substantial, chewy breads. 
When it's time for dessert, there is no country in the world that will disappoint!
So do not think you will be deprived when you travel frugally.  On the contrary, because items cost less in the market than they do in restaurants, you will have the flexibility to experiment with delicacies you might not otherwise try. 

David and I enjoy an occasional restaurant meal, but we have found that we truly prefer the smorgasbord of choices that we can enjoy by shopping the markets.  We think you will too!

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