Sunday, June 15, 2014

Easy Tickets for the Musee du Louvre

The inverted pyramid below the Louvre splashes rainbows all over the floor!
The best way to get your ticket to this world-famous museum is to buy the Paris Museum Pass which entitles you to entry at more than sixty-some places.  But that costs €42 for a two-day pass, and, if you're planning to see only one museum as David and I were, then that is not financially advantageous.

Rainbows all over the floor!
Instead, consider getting your ticket the easy way by going underground.  No, not the black market, but the Carousel underground, the shopping mall underneath the Louvre itself.
Take the Metro to the Palais Royal and Musee du Louvre stop and follow signs for the Carousel mall.  Turn right when you come to a T and look for the Tabac ( In Europe, the Tabac sells a remarkable variety of merchandise.  You can buy stamps, bus passes, tickets to various places, and, of course, cigarettes and pipe tobacco.)
We were second in line and waited all of ninety seconds to buy our tickets.  We still had to stand in line for ten minutes or so to gain admission to the museum itself, but at least the ticket-buying was easy and fast!

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