Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Years in Ten Different Places

Vonda and Jon Look set sail for a new life when they retired early. They sold  their house, pared their belongings, and crammed the essentials for their new life into their Toyota F J Cruiser before taking off for Xcalak, a little Mexican fishing village in the Yucutan.  They plan to spend the next ten years exploring the world by spending one year in ten different areas.

Jon says, "We are looking for the places that allow us to be a part of the community, push our boundaries and teach us things. Off of the beaten path but not so far off as to totally isolate us from our friends and families. We want communities that feel comfortable, are engaged in life and have a realistic view of their place on the planet. We want places that allow us to pursue our passions compatibly with local people in our new homes. We are not going about this with any illusions either. We know every place has its unappealing quirks and we will let you know our perspective on that as well."

The stories, photos, philosophy and ruminations of this fascinating couple are recorded on their blog.  Click here to go to Life Part 2.  To read an article about their experience crossing into Mexico at the Laredo, Texas, border, click here.