Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Packwhiz Lets You Pack Like a Pro

When I'm getting ready for a trip to Europe, I never forget what to pack as long as I've got it on a list.  But keeping track of the scribbled lists is another problem altogether.  One list is on my desk, another flutters on the refrigerator door, a third sits on my dresser and one is taped to the bathroom shelf.  By the time I get around to packing, the barely legible lists have suffered their share of abuse, and it's a wonder I pack the map instead of a mop!

My life is about to get easier, though, because I've discovered a site that makes list-making a snap.  I can either use someone else's list like the one for "17 Days in Europe," modify a generic list, or make a list from scratch.  When I print the finished product, I'll have a legible, organized, comprehensive list of everything I need.  I think Packwhiz will be the next best thing to having a professional pack for me!