Thursday, June 19, 2014

Farmers' Market Day

The market in Colmar has been in existence since 1863, with part of it permanently housed in a building called Les Halles, while the rest is open air.  It was sited here, near the canals, so farmers could deliver their produce using  flat-bottomed boats.

Of course David and I had to go.  This is the best way to find the freshest produce, regional foods, and truly unique, non-touristy gifts.
Because the Alsace region was involved in a tug-of-war for hundreds of years when it was sometimes part of Germany before reuniting with France (It switched four times!), both cultures are reflected in Alsatian cuisine. 

The results are often intriguing as you can see from these stuffed pretzels.
                                 These sausages are made by hand.
The produce is the freshest to be found, but we also found items from the south of France like this wonderful soap from Marseille.
We filled our shopping bag and wished we had someone to bike us back home as these lucky children did!
A bicycle built for three!  A boy and girl are in the front compartment while the mother's full shopping bags will ride behind her.
Practicalities -

Ask about market day in whatever town you visit.  You'll be delighted at the treats you will find!

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