Friday, June 13, 2014

Guess Who's French

                                                             Is this woman French? 
                                                        Or how about these two?

It's fairly easy to spot women who were born in this country.  Can you tell who's a native in these photos?
                                                    Or this woman riding the Batobus?

 It's easy to see why the French are so thin.  Parisians walk everywhere, and where they can't walk, they ride.  I just missed photographing a shirtless man in teensy shorts  roller skating thirty miles per hour in the fifth arrondisement.  I did manage to catch this guy who is obviously working off those croissants and earning a few euros while he's at it.
Bikes are available for rent.  Pick one up and return it at your destination.  And bike paths truly cater to the riders.
David and I have almost been run over several times by cyclists who are going full tilt boogie on these paths that occupy one portion of the pedestrian walkway..
I suppose all that exercise explains the latest look in Paris.  Women are wearing jean-tights or black tights with long shirts or micro-skirts.  When you exercise as much as they do, you can get away with it.

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