Wednesday, June 18, 2014

La Petite Venise

Italy is not the only town with canals.  Colmar has its share of waterways where you can ride in a boat, stroll along the banks, or dine in a riverside cafe.

Everywhere you look are flowers.  Profusions of blooms decorate the perimeters of all the canals, with particular color palettes predominating in each area.
Bikes are ubiquitous.  This area is mostly flat so bike riding is an easy and pleasurable way to take in the town.
If you tire of walking along the Lauch River canals, head into the old town where charming half-timbered buildings are frequently decorated with  stork motifs.  Traditionally, storks are symbols of good luck, happiness and faithfulness, and Colmar is doing its part to protect this species that winters in Africa and summers in the Alsace with protected breeding sites. 
David and I decided that we needed some flowers of our own so we stopped at the Monoprix for ten roses ( €4.95 for these beauties).

Practicalities -
To find the canals, look for La Petite Venise signs.  When that fails, ask a passerby!

Flowers are an affordable luxury when you travel.  Go to any grocery store for a touch of inexpensive beauty for your apartment.

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