Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If You Like Pine, You'll Love the Kuckucknest

This old building houses two businesses and three tourist rooms plus lounge.
The nicest people in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) operate the guesthouse and cuckoo clock business called the Kuckucknest in Triberg, Germany.  But if you rent a room here, you've got to love pine.  It's everywhere.

It's on the floor, the ceiling, the walls, the doors, and all the pieces of furniture.  I'm guessing the master craftsman who sculpts amazingly detailed cuckoo clocks,  which he sells in the shop downstairs, constructed these rooms during the off-season. 
The bathroom door won't even open all the way in this teensy room.  Note the unique way beds are "made" in Germany.  There's no top sheet, only a duvet cover on a light down comforter.
David and I had to take turns going from the window area to the bathroom.  When he wanted to brush his teeth, I moved aside into the entry area so he could pass by.  We finally measured the space and figure it's about 10x10 feet. 
The saving grace was the lounge, again all decked out in knotty pine, where we could read, have breakfast (a tray of delectables was left in the frig along with stout brown bread), and have a beer at night.  (The hostess made some of that still water and beer available to guests for a nominal fee.)

The two other advantages of this compact space were the price--only €31 per person--and the location right in the heart of town.  But two nights were enough.  It's time to move on to Bavaria.

I hope they haven't heard of pine in Fussen.

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