Saturday, June 28, 2014

Come Visit Our Rothenburg Studio

Go to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the best preserved medieval walled town in Germany just 410 kilometers north of Fussen, Bavaria, and find the main square.  Just half a block away, on the street you see above, is our studio.  Look for the climbing roses by our windows...
I'm sitting at the table by the single window.
...and look for our red front door. 

David and I will be delighted to see you and to give you a tour!  Our studio is only about 250 square feet but it has everything we need.

The bedroom area is spacious with a king-size bed and a table, chair, and small bed suitable for a child or a huge suitcase.

We've got a cute little table with three chairs and a charming kitchen along the back wall.

There's also a spacious private bath next to the kitchen.

As I mentioned before, the location is ideal as we're literally a stone's throw from everything we want to see, yet it's very quiet at night.

Our cute kitchen table is reflected in the mirror above the bed.  Those pillows on the bed seem to be the latest thing in Germany--huge feather squares that take some adjustment time.
This is the other side of the bedroom/living area.  The kitchen is at the far end of the room.
We are so fortunate to be staying within the city's old walls because after the tourist buses leave, we'll have this gorgeous place to ourselves.  Oh, and another good thing about this lovely studio is the price.  We're paying just €21 per night per person!

Practicalities -
The owners of the studio are hospitable folks who maintain several studios and a small hotel.  They are also in the process of renovating another house for more rental apartments.

The roads in this village are more like alleys.  David drove up to the door to unload our suitcases, but then had to back down and park in the proper area on the street (called the orange zone) as the top of the "street" was too narrow to accommodate the car.  We also have to pay for parking but the fee is nominal (€5 for two nights.  There will be another small fee for Sunday night.) since we're staying here in the village.

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