Friday, June 27, 2014

Luging in Bavaria!

Call Germany fickle, if you like, but it's been doing its best to woo me with soaring mountains tickling a blue sky, emerald green valleys with millions of Christmas trees suitable for the White House, and charming castles that were created by a madman or a poet, depending on whom you ask.

Bavaria has succeeded.  I am smitten.

David and I drove into Austria and rode a gondola to the very top.
Then, back in Bavaria, we rode the luge.  We're probably not quite ready for the Olympics, but we did better than I expected.
David at the beginning of the luge.
The luge carries you up a straight incline to the top of the track.  Then you allow plenty of room between you and the person who's gone ahead  before starting the downhill track.

I was hesitant at first (I had seen the Olympics, after all.), but when I saw an eight-year-old get in line for the second time, I figured I could master it.  I probably set a record for the slowest time going down--the views were amazing--but I did succeed.  I'm sure the Olympics luge committee will be calling any day now.

The silver snake going down the mountain is the luge track.
So, there you have it.  If I can only get enough wood together, I am thinking about moving to Bavaria!
 Practicalities -
We went to the Naturepark in Romervilla just north of Fussen.  The luge cost €3.50 a run.  The park also offered a gondola ride and hang gliding.

The gondola we rode was located near Hofen in Austria.

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