Friday, June 20, 2014

Sick in France? No Problem!

We survived the train strike, but David was felled by the common cold.  He got sick almost as soon as we set foot in Colmar; luckily, the French pharmacy has the answers to all physical ailments.

David answered a dozen questions and swears he spent more time with the pharmacist than he ever does with his physician back in Tucson.  After the pharmacist got all her answers:  Is your nose stuffy or runny?  Is your chest congested?  Do you have a fever?  Any stomach problems? she prescribed cough drops and a cough medicine to help him sleep.  Another pharmacy gave him "Actifed Jour & Nuit" which has white blister-pack tablets for day and a blue one for night.  This Friday, just four days after getting sick, he is feeling almost completely better.

Never hesitate to ask a French pharmacist for help when  you're sick.  I consider them the equivalent of our American Urgent Care, with the added bonus of being free.    You'll find them everywhere in France.  Just look for the neon green cross.

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