Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weddings and Gelato

Wondering where to get a little refreshment after your wedding in Florence, Italy? Head straight to your favorite gelato shop, of course!

Know how to identify the best gelato? The answer might surprise you.

I've learned a great deal about this icy confection in the last few days because the dazzling displays of gelato never tasted as good as I remembered from previous visits. Some research steered me to the good stuff, and I'd like to share what I learned.

Those vivid colors and embellishments of fresh fruit and chocolate swirls are designed to distract you from realizing that true gelato, made without artificial ingredients, is not brightly colored and needs no decoration. Always check the banana or pistachio gelato because they hold the key to quality. They should look slightly gray (Think of how mashed bananas look after ten minutes.). If the product is bright yellow or green, it's artificial and not worth your money.

One more hint is to look for covered bins. That's the best way to store true gelato; it should not be displayed in swirly mounds.

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