Monday, June 6, 2016

Like College --With Drinks This Time!

One of the reading rooms in the beautiful Lanfredini Villa. The room where my classes will be held is next door.
I love the way Brits do things. This morning's orientation for the art history course on the High Rennaisance included a welcome packet of helpful information, a student discount card (Can't wait to use this on the woman who scoffed when I told her I was a student.), a map, and several invitations to events with complimentary drinks.

The British Institute's location on the Arno River provides this view.
The first lecture, today from 3:00-4:30, will be followed by welcome drinks in the library before a tour of Charles Cecil's studio at 6:00.

Tomorrow I'll enjoy cocktails and buffet at the Odeon Bistro in the evening. (There is an €8 charge for this.)
I'm glad the Brtitish Institute if only a five minute walk from my apartment because I'd hate to have to park a Vespa!
Wednesday is a lecture by a visiting professor, more drinks, and a movie. Because this year marks what would have been Shakespeare's 400th birthday, all the movies in June pertain to his work.
Italians waste no space.
Thursday there is afternoon tea after class (This is a British establishment after all.)

I worried a bit about having enough to do on this trip; now I'm afraid I may not be able to get it all done!


  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed your post and pictures. I'm interested in taking this very same course. I hope that you continue to post about your college days in Florence. Thank you, Lucy

    1. Sign up now, Lucy, as you will love this course! I've already decided I don't want to go home; I want to stay here in this open-air-museum of a city enjoying classes at the British Institute,the delectable food, and ambrosia-like wine.