Sunday, June 5, 2016

I'M FAMOUS....maybe

I came so close. I've been waiting to be discovered all my life, but so far fame seems to be passing me by. Until today.

I was heading for gelato near the Santa Trinita bridge when I noticed a knot of people and two cameramen out front. The front entry seemed to be blocked, but, since I was unwilling to be deterred from what guidebooks promised to be a culinary experience at one of the best shops in town, I snuck in a side door and got in line.
Giada De Laurentiis
Behind me, a woman spoke in such dulcet tones to two young children about gelato, how a waffle cone was preferable to a sugar cone, and what choices might be good ones for them among the many she had tried that I turned to ask her advice about stracciatelli.

Did this vanilla gelato with chocolate streaks on top called stracciatelli have chocolate all the way through? She explained, in a peculiarly familiar way, that any time hot chocolate was added to a cold mixture, the result was chunks of chocolate throughout.
Convinced I would love this flavor, my first gelato on this trip to Italy, I thanked her, placed my order, and then turned to tell her she looked very familiar.

The little boy looked at me as though I were daft, but the woman simply said I might recognize her if I watched cooking shows--Giada.

Did the cameraman who was there by my left shoulder all this time record this exchange? Will this be the start of bigger things to come for me as a chef? As a consumer of gelato? Might I finally become famous at long last?

Keep watching the Food Network. Maybe you'll see me on the day I got discovered!


  1. What a fun experience! Enjoying your blog.
    Mary E

  2. Which food network? We have two. Gambero Rosso and Alice.

  3. Giada is from the American channel called The Food Network. I'm afraid you'll miss my claim to fame if you only have Italian stations.