Sunday, May 27, 2012

London on $98 a Day - The Natural History Museum

Dinosaur Hatchlings
The Natural History is the best Museum for your child or grandchild because an elevated bridge allows you to walk at head-height with dinosaurs that come to life snarling and glaring at you as you sidle past. Any question you ever had about these ancient creatures will be answered here by the many displays.

When you tire of them, an escalator will take you right through the middle of planet Earth and deposit you on a floor that demonstrates all the factors that affect our planet. Graphic displays of Mother Nature at work building mountains, spewing lava, and using rivers and floods to sculpt the land give you new appreciation for the changes that can be wrought over time. Stand in the earthquake simulator, which duplicated almost exactly the one we had in California one Easter Sunday, and you will have new empathy for this weather phenomenon's victims.
The details on the huge museum building give hints about the wonders inside.
David and I toured the Museum on another cold, rainy day so it was impossible to picnic lunch, but luckily we discovered that the restaurant here carried the same delicious and inexpensive food as we had found at other museums. While the food is good if uninspiring, you'll love listening to the chatter all around you. There's nothing more entertaining than a roomful of kids sharing their dinosaur adventures with their parents!

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