Thursday, May 10, 2012

France and England on $98 a Day - Hotel Rooms

While we prefer apartments, David and I usually have to book a few hotel rooms during the odd transition/travel day, and this trip was no exception. But this time was unusual because we were in heaven one night with enough room in our room to hold a party, and so little space the next night that we had to take turns moving around the room.

Heaven was La Cour de Sainte Catherine in Honfleur, a complex of buildings consisting of a former convent and a cider press, all dating from the 17th century. While the front entrance was unprepossessing, beyond the wooden doors a path led to a haven of gardens, fountains, a deck with tables and umbrellas, and, of course, the rooms themselves.

We had a room overlooking the garden. This photo shows the area of the room with the bed and bath, but in the foreground are a desk, two daybeds, two leather armchairs and a coffee table. Sliding glass doors led to the deck.

Breakfast—croissants, pain au chocolate, breads, cheeses, an apple tart, all manner of drinks and apple juice—was served in this delightful area that was the former cider press section of the complex. We loved every moment we spent in this wonderful place, but we weren't quite as lucky the next night.

Wanting some place close to the Eurostar train station, we took a room at a Kyriad Hotel in Coquelles, the little town near the station. The receptionist spoke English and was helpful in answering our questions, but no one could fix the small size of the room. The space between the bed and the desk measured only one foot. We literally had to take turns moving from one side of the room to the other. In the bathroom, you could brush your teeth and take a shower all at the same time!

The breakfast, 8.50€, was delicious but that's one of the few positive things I can say about this place. I doubt we'll ever stay at this hotel chain again. We don't need to have a separate sitting area, necessarily, but David and I do not want to have to make an appointment to move around a hotel room.

Practicalities -
La Cour Sainte Catherine cost 101€ while the Kyriad room was 54€ (37€ for the room plus 17€ for breakfast). 

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