Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spain's Scintillating Streets

Whether they jog to the right or zig-zag to the left or simply continue straight ahead, one detail is consistent about Spain's streets and sidewalks--they are delightfully crafted of  beautiful materials.

Marble, granite, brick or tile is arranged to be noticed in patterns that make a tourist want to watch his step. 
And the cities must budget considerable amounts to keep their streets so clean.  David and I have seen the cleaning machines, along with men and brooms, sweep our Nogalera Plaza in the early morning hours, and, judging by the pristine city streets, they must also work there on a regular basis.

Or, maybe there isn't much trash to begin with.  Spain is dotted with recycling containers along with trash bins, so perhaps the populace learns not to litter at an early age.
Or, maybe when streets are works of art, people wouldn't dream of sullying them with anything but their footprints!

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  1. Actually, there is litter but it is traditional for each village, town and city to employ street sweepers to keep the streets and walkways clean. Some people will deliberately litter, they say they do it to make sure there is work for the sweepers, to keep them employed. Hmmm, maybe. But there are some very beautiful streets everywhere and seeing just a cement sidewalk anywhere in Spain or Portugal (which has even nicer streets & sidewalks than Spain) is a very rare event. Nice photos.