Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Italy's and Spain's Quirks

Italy and Spain are full of intriguing quirks that delighted David and me.  This Easter display in Sorrento's Primavera Gelato shop had something for every nationality!
Europeans are adept at finding ways to adapt to their narrow streets.  We loved the three-wheeled cars and were amazed by the three-wheeled trucks.

And it's a good thing Europeans are so flexible because driving in Europe isn't easy.
Even when you find your way, driving on the roads can be a challenge . 
If you decide to hoof it, though, there are interesting manhole (personhole?) covers to delight you.

And there's no denying Europeans' ingenuity.  With this toaster, your bread never gets stuck in the innards.  Just pull up the holder and extract your toast the easy way!
We loved every second of our five-week trip to Italy and Spain, quirks and all.  The scenery never disappointed and even the oddities gave us plenty to ponder.  We'll never know why this tourist wore a winter coat, fishnet stockings, and flip flops during her tour of the Alhambra on an 85-degree day, but, then,  she probably wondered why we took pictures of manhole covers!
It was hard to say good-bye to these two wonderful countries, but we'll be back.  We threw coins in the fountain to make sure!

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