Monday, June 7, 2010

A Month in Mexico - Twisting the Kaleidoscope

                     Ajijic Plaza Bandstand
David and I twisted the kaleidoscope today, strolling down Calle Colon, Ajijic's main street, and browsing the Chapala market.  Everywhere we went we ogled the brilliant colors and public art.  Mexico had a few surprises in store for us, too.

On the way to the plaza, we discovered we could have our feet "detoxed."   We aren't sure what that means, but after traveling the dusty cobblestones, we think "detoxification" might not be a bad idea.  And, being the frugal travelers we are, we loved the idea of a two for one special!

Still, dirty feet intact, we hustled on to see the church bordering one side of the plaza and the municipal building on the other side.  Mexico is wise in placing the police office and the church in a central location.  If you can't get the local gendarmes to help you, perhaps you can achieve divine intervention.

We browsed the stores we came across; one craftswoman was kind enough to pose for me.  She had just come in from the country with a bundle of colorful carvings and clay figurines.  At every turn there were murals, rainbow colors, or a bit of whimsy decorating the walls.

The next stop was the Chapala market where several blocks had been taken over by entrepreneurs selling everything from daisies to doo rags.  We walked every inch of the market, took a couple dozen pictures, bought a bunch of lillies and daisies for 25 pesos, and came home ready for another great Mexican tradition--the siesta.

These flowers decorate a popular clothing shop.

How about some sweet potatoes?

                Or do you have a hankering for coconut?

              Or maybe you'd like to skip the food and get a doo rag instead!

These chicks are painted Day-Glo colors and sporting soccer "caps" in honor of  the World Cup.                                                 

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