Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Month in Meixo - The Census

What do census questions reveal about a country?  

In the United States, David and I answered seven simple question about our names, ages, and relationship, but the Mexican census workers, who rang the bell this morning, wanted to know much more.    

How many rooms are in the house?  Any bedrooms?  Do we have a stove, refrigerator, running water, a television, a computer, a bathroom? There were at least twenty other questions on their five-page form we never got to answer because, when the census-taker realized we were not the permanent residents, the interview was abruptly ended.  

In this beautiful land with its rich cultural history, exquisite art, and charming people, it is sad to realize that so many must not have the basic amenities we take for granted in the United States.

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