Monday, May 10, 2010

Whether or Not You Can Afford a Vacation in Europe This Summer Depends on Your Choice of Lodging

The euro is down but airfares are up, so how can you save money in Europe this summer?  Arthur Frommer recommends an apartment rental, and I agree wholeheartedlyHis article--click on the link below--lists some excellent sources for the do-it-yourself renter. 

View from David's and my rented Paris apartment balcony

Whether or Not You Can Afford a Vacation in Europe This Summer Depends on Your Choice of Lodging on Arthur Frommer Online

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  1. We posted about this same theme in our blog post, "Could Going to Europe Be Cheaper than Staying in the US?". We wholeheartedly believe it is all about the accommodations. Our deal is that we like to move around when we travel, and not to stay in the same place for too long. For example, last summer we made our way from Barcelona over to the Asturian coast, spending two or three nights here and there in small affordable hostals (not to be confused with hostels) and inns in both cities and the countryside. We found lovely, inviting places to stay for 55 or 65 euros a night - not cheap, but about 40% less expensive than similar lodging in the US. You can read about some of the places we stayed on our website,

  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree with you, of course. If you're covering a lot of territory in a short period of time, the next best thing to an apartment is an inexpensive, independent hotel or B&B.

    And there may be no better source for this sort of information than Darn Good Digs. I enjoy reading the accommodation entries even when I'm not leaving home!

  3. Some hostels, particularly the hostel associations have been around for many years.

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  4. Your article is from five years ago but is still very accurate maybe even more than it was then ....Thanks for the helpful information you provide in your article. I'm really glad to have stumbled upon ur blog :)