Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Month in Mexico – Ready, Set, Go!

The Ajijic, Mexico, I remember

After Jazzercise class Thursday, Sue came up, squeezed my shoulders and said, “Now, remember, have a good time but be extra careful.”

Our neighbors seem to think we've lost our minds. They were all gathered in the cul-de-sac last night undoubtedly discussing our travel plans. As David and I left to walk the dog, they called out to drink plenty of tequila instead of water and to stay away from the drug lords.

From e-mails and conversations, we've gotten the impression that people are puzzled as to why we are thrilled to be spending a month in Mexico. They assume we'll encounter Death Valley-hot weather, gunfights in the streets, dysentery at best, and the plague at worst!

We hope they're wrong. That's not the Mexico I remember. It's been six years since I lived there, but I hope the country hasn't changed that much.

Puerto Vallarta Sunset - photo by Courtney Zimmerman

David and I are assuming that most of the people who are issuing dire warnings have never seen the part of Mexico we'll visit in June. They've been to Cancun, the Baja, Puerto Vallarta or one of the border cities and assume that is what all of Mexico is like. We believe that's akin to visiting only Miami, Coney Island, or the Bronx and assuming all of America is like those places. We don't think so, of course; Mexico is as diverse as the United States or Canada or the European Union.

But, then, I guess we'll find out who's right when we get there!

David just handed me the last item to tuck in the suitcases—a slip of paper with our destination and phone number in case our baggage gets lost. Our friends may think we've lost our minds, but at least we won't lose our luggage!

We hope we don't lose you either, so please come along with us. The journey may be a bit bumpy, at times, but it's bound to be an adventure that we'll want to share with you. See you right back here in a few days!


  1. Funny, I stumbled upon this today as I plan my own month-long trip to MX in July. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. David and I have been here three days now and we're completely smitten with this country. Keep coming back....I promise to write some updates soon.