Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Heart of San Miguel de Allende

The jardin, or main plaza in San Miguel de Allende, is always humming with activity.  The Parroquia, modeled after European churches, is located on one side of the jardin while stores, restaurants, and civic buildings surround the other three sides.

You can sit in the shade of the laurel trees, which have been sculpted to provide shade rather than symmetry, and watch the
comings and goings of the church visitors. Or slip across the way to the jardin proper where benches invite you to linger.

 Watch Gigante walk around the plaza to earn her daily income,
buy a balloon or two from "the balloonman who whistles far and wee,"

or catch whatever may be going on at the bandstand.
At night, the jardin is even more popular because it's a meeting spot for young lovers, a great place to get a bite to eat (Mexico had food trucks long before they were popular in the United States!),
a free concert from the musicians who stroll around the square willing to play a favorite song for a few pesos, or simply an enchanting garden that's been transformed by the magic of the night.

Unlike nighttime streets in your hometown, there's no need to fear anything in San Miguel's jardin.  The only danger is that you might fall so in love with this wonderful place that you will never leave!

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