Monday, August 4, 2014

$70 Gelato?!

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Johnny Jet reports today on a NY Post article about an American couple who were charged almost $70 for two gelatos and a bottle of water.  Feeling ripped off, the couple called the police the next day to investigate the high price, but
the policeman said the price was fair as it was clearly posted at the restaurant.

Don't let this happen to you!  Always be sure to carefully check the price before you order, and be sure to carry your own bottle that can be refilled from the many free water fountains in every European city.

In Rome, you will find nasoni, free water fountains on most every corner.  This is excellent water, so take advantage of it!

Published by Johnny Jet, here is a list of twelve tips about Italy that everyone should know.  Read the suggestions to learn how to identify true gelato--instead of the mass-produced, overly expensive variety--and how to avoid other costly mistakes.

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  1. Sure drinks and snacks are generally quite expensive in some restaurants ! Tourists being enchanted by the great environmental charms of Italy do not always be careful enought .... Italy is still gorgeous, isn't it ?!