Monday, April 1, 2013

Toss a Coin for a Cheaper Flight to Europe

Want to go to Europe this year but don't care whether you start your travels in Paris or Zurich? might be for you.

They promise a discounted flight if you're willing to let them toss a coin (Literally, they say this is how they choose.) to decide your destination.  You choose your departure city and then decide whether you want to go to Europe, Asia, USA and so on.

Ceiling detail in Madrid Airport
When you choose "Europe," the site will generate ten or so cities for you to pick from.  Check the one you like best after looking at the departure and arrival times.  The site will then generate your second choice list of ten European cities.  After you have decided on two cities, will make the choice for you.  All you have to do is pay with a credit card and print the boarding materials. 

How are they able to offer discounted prices? Airlines don't want empty seats, but they are unwilling to offer discounts to business flyers who must get to a specific city.  Getgoing's "...'Pick Two, Get One' platform proves that you are traveling for leisure, not business, and in exchange the airlines reward you with a much greater discount." 

When I checked getgoing's prices against ITA Software, I discovered that is indeed offering discounted flights.  Phoenix to Zurich in mid-June is $1503 on ITA and $1315 on getgoing.  (USA flights do not seem to be as deeply discounted, at least in the samples I tried.  PHX to Chicago was $361 on ITA and $292 on getgoing.)

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