Sunday, March 25, 2012

France and England on $98 a Day - Our Accommodations

Finding accommodations in seven different locations wasn't easy, but after a longer search than usual, we found some economical places that are also unique. We will stay in one hotel, two gites--a traditional Bretagne granite house built in 1900 and a gite that began life as a barn in the 16th century--a garden flat in fashionable Notting Hill in London, and three B&Bs, one of which was converted from a former convent.

Not only are the accommodations diverse, but the prices are within our Tightwad budget, too. The B&Bs plus one night's hotel average around $100 a night ($50 per person) while the gites and London flat average slightly more at $110 per night ($55 per person). Since one of the top-rated London hostels, the Oxford Street YHA, charges $63 per night per person for a private twin-bed room with a shared bathroom, I think our $55 is a bargain.

The price is even more of a bargain considering all the advantages of having our own place. We'll enjoy en suite bathrooms, free wi-fi (The Oxford Street hostel charges extra for an Internet connection.), room to spread out and relax, a washing machine (We'll be able to take fewer clothes because we can wash them frequently.), and, most importantly, we'll enjoy the money we save by preparing our own food.

Maybe our accommodations aren't the stuff of headlines, but David and I think they should be!

[Note that all prices are quoted in US dollars with an exchange rate of €1 equals $1.30.]

Practicalities -
A gite used to be defined as a simple rural vacation cottage, but the term now includes much more luxurious lodgings as well.  Today, a gite might be a ten-room villa overlooking the sea or a stylish apartment on the outskirts of Paris.

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