Monday, May 16, 2011

Sorrento on $85 a Day - What's on the Menu

When David and I return to the States, I will have to find a twelve-step program for bufala mozzarella.

When we buy five or six of the little balls bobbing about in the briney solution that makes them special, David and I always pretend that "we" will enjoy the cheese on salads and in omelettes, but we both know that I'll be the one sneaking in the refrigerator to devour as many slices as I think I can get away with. Poor David doesn't stand a chance.

But he doesn't go hungry.  We eat extraordinarily well really.  On Saturday, when we moved into our apartment, we shopped the grocery store and discovered a pastry/take-out shop two doors away that has the best cannoli in Sorrento, as well as other delicacies that fill the need for a  quick, delicious supper. 

Here's an example of what one of our typical-vacation-suppers might be. 

This is a slice of pizza rustica from the pastry/take-out shop (It may have "pizza" in the name, but this is more like a quiche of ham and cheese. This is so good I could eat it every day, but then I'd need two twelve-step programs.), a generous handful of salad greens from the bag we bought at the grocery store tossed with an oil and balsamic vinegar dressing (We found the oil and vinegar in the cupboard when we moved in to the apartment.), a thick slice of freshly made bread from the bakery, locally churned butter, and a cannoli for dessert.   The total cost for this feast is 4.80 euro per person.

As I said, David doesn't get much of the mozzarella, but he really doesn't mind when we can eat delicious meals like this!

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