Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Italy, Spain and (maybe) Morocco for $85 a Day*

Our suitcases are lined up near the front hallway like pack horses all in a row. And pack horses they will have to be since they're carrying all we need for five weeks. 
On some blog or another, someone quoted travel guru Rick Steves who supposedly said that traveling with more than a carry-on bag meant that you were packing your fear.

If that's true, then David and I must be terrified.

We've each got the largest suitcase American Airlines allows plus a smaller carry-on satchel. (But I'll bet Rick Steves doesn't use special shampoo only available at Sally's Beauty Supply.) Still, I've pared down my usual overload, so I'm relatively pleased with the bags I'm taking. Even if I am checking a suitcase, at least I'm relatively sure it will be below the weight limitation.

Although I  do have a few lingering concerns about slinging that bag up on the scale tomorrow, I have no worries about our pet sitters, whom we met for the first time this afternoon. (See the blog article, Free Pet Sitting.)  This wonderful couple from Phoenix are as delightful as we thought they'd be. David and I have no doubt they will conscientiously care for our pets and our house. They've actually given us the greatest gift of all--peace of mind for the next five weeks!

So, I hope you're ready to go too. Don't worry about your luggage but do remember to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a very busy day.

*These calculations are based on this exchange rate: 1.0 Eur = 1.42 USD

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