Friday, February 25, 2011

Tightwad Travel Tip – Prevent Leaking Pens

I'm persnickety about pens. While ballpoints may have their advantages, no one could ever tear me away from my gel cartridge pens. I love the way the ink flows over the paper, and, when I use them, I swear my words flow more easily too.

The only problem with gel pens is that they don't always travel well. The cartridges are sensitive to the changes in cabin pressure and seem to “explode” after a flight. There's nothing worse than uncapping a beloved pen when you're ready to sign a hotel register and having it leak all over your hand.

The Pilot pen people have a solution. The package for their “real fountain pen” (and it does perform just like a fountain pen!) provides this helpful hint:

     “When using most liquid ink pens on an airplane, be sure to remove the cap with the point upward to avoid problems that could occur due to cabin pressure.”

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