Wednesday, December 1, 2010

California Dreamin' - Monterey's 17-Mile Drive

If there's an ugly spot on the Monterey Peninsula, David and I never saw it. One breathtaking view is followed by another, and that's especially true on the 17-Mile Drive.

We almost didn't take the route. It cost $9.50 per car, and we weren't sure it was worth the money since we were fairly certain we'd seen most of the beauty already. We were wrong. It took us four hours to drive the short circuit because we stopped so often for photographs.

By late afternoon, when we were ravenous, we discovered the Pebble Beach Resort where the Pebble Beach Market offers deli sandwiches for reasonable rates. We shared one of their hefty sandwiches, sat on the benches in the lodge area, and read about the Monterey Cypress which is native to only two areas along the drive—Point Lobos and Cypress Point. We're glad we didn't miss it!

The Lone Cypress
Practicalities - It's easy to find the entrances to the Drive which runs from Carmel to Pacific Grove.  For more information, including free scenic alternatives, click here.

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  1. This is all so exquisite. I have enjoyed not only the breathtaking photos, but your descriptions, and feelings, along the way. Thanks! Jan Pearson