Sunday, October 31, 2010

California Dreamin' - Haight-Ashbury

Did you miss the psychedelic 60s, the era when the American Way of Life that focused on greedy materialism and hypocrisy (especially sexual hypocrisy) was rejected by disenchanted young people in America? When hundreds thronged to the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco to experiment with sex, drugs and rock and roll in an attempt to reform the prevailing culture. The place where Flower Power was thought to be the antidote to war, and love-ins promoting sexual freedom played out against a background of peace symbols, water pipes, and love beads.

If you missed that exciting era which revolutionized the world and gave us women's (and men's) liberation, civil rights, sexual freedom and the end of the Vietnam War, reminders of that provocative period in America's history are still very much in evidence. You won't hear “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” any more as you walk down the streets in Haight-Ashbury, but the Hippie Generation is still there. Alive and well.

Smoke shops are plentiful

The cardboard sign says - A day without a buzz is a day that never was.

Whimsy abounds

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