Friday, July 2, 2010

A Month in Mexico - Mazamitla

We finished up our last week in Mexico by traveling on newly improved roads to what appears to be the cleanest town in the country--Mazamitla.  David and I were amazed to see easy-to-walk streets, charming Swiss architecture, and a delightfully cool plaza in this mountain (7500 feet above sea level) town.
Mazamitla's streets are lined with buildings that appear to be transplanted from Switzerland.
     The pine-tree studded plaza contains the requisite gazebo bandstand.
              But it is the church that dominates the view.
              The inside of the church is as charming as the town itself.

Practicalities -

If you make the day-trip from Ajijic, be sure to stop at El Troje for lunch.  As you approach the outskirts of town, you will come to a stoplight and see a Pemex station directly in front of you.  Turn left and you will see the restaurant/hotel on your left.

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