Monday, February 15, 2010

Vacation Rental Apartment Advantages

Sunset view from our gite's terrace in Dordogne, France
“Rent once and you'll never go back to a hotel vacation again,” according to Pauline Frommer in today's newsletter. She cites the advantages that David and I discovered in France last fall: Apartments are usually cheaper, and sometimes considerably cheaper, than hotels; the extra space, especially the use of a kitchen, makes any vacation more enjoyable; apartments are usually located in interesting neighborhoods unlike hotels which are situated in commercial zones; and when you live like a local, you become more connected to the region and begin to feel—if only for a while—as though you live there.

View from our Paris apartment's balcony.
Ms. Frommer admits that the only drawback to rental apartments is having to do a bit more homework to find the best fit for you and your family, but her checklists of precautions should help you make the right choice. Her comprehensive article goes on to list trusted rental sources in the US in general and Hawaii and Orlando, Florida, in particular; France, Ireland, the UK, and Italy.
I think you'll find her article invaluable in planning your next apartment vacation rental.

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  1. It's so true what your're saying!!
    An aparments is much better than a hotel! you feel free to do whatever you want, it's your place, cook there what you want, invite people, etc.
    I had a great experience when I visited last year in Argentina, I found great the apartments in Buenos Aires! so comfortable, I had a great time, and I could make a lot of friend because everynight I invited people to my place

    So thanks so much for this info, because after this experience in Argentina, of course that now I'm looking for aparments for rent everytime that I go for a visit to another country!

    Lily :)