Tuesday, August 25, 2009

France on $70 a Day - Never on a Sunday

I know many shops in France are closed on Sunday, so I should have thought about how that might affect car rental agencies before we made plans to go from Paris to Sarlat on that day of the week. We had no problem with the train schedule, but it was impossible to find a car agency in the smaller towns. They are open six days a week, not seven.

Because the rental agencies are closed in Brive and most of the other towns around Sarlat when we're arriving in the Dordogne area, we have had to alter our plans considerably. Instead of the 40-mile drive from the Brive rail station, we will have a 120-mile drive from Bordeaux to Sarlat. Since I made the error, I've offered to do all the driving that day. I think David's going to take me up on my offer!


  1. Hi! Saw your post on my blog--and I wanted to tell you that driving is absolutely great--the one thing is that it is worth the extra Euro to get a car with a navigation system otherwise it could be stressful. Also, be sure to carry lots of Euro coins for the many toll booths throughout the region; one of the reasons the roads are so well-maintained.
    Otherwise, you'll love Sarlat! Check out the B&B La Lanterne, it's wonderful, and the market days are Wed & Sat.

  2. Merci, Erika, for the reassurances. We'll consider springing for a car rental GPS or maybe we can program my Tom Tom for France. Checking my GPS's programmability will go on the rapidly expanding to-do list.
    We also appreciate the tip about carrying coins. I remember having to use a credit card at one of the highway kiosks in Italy; having coins at the ready is a far better idea.
    Again, merci beaucoup for the tips!